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Scheduling Now For the Following:

2024 Schedule:

Now in Cincinnati

Travel schedule to be announced soon!

Below are cities I may potentially visit in the future. Please email me if you have interest in me visiting your city.


Austin, TX - TBA

Baltimore, MD - TBA

Boston, MA - TBA

Chicago, IL - TBA

Cleveland, OH - TBA

Charlotte, NC - TBA

Columbus, OH - TBA

Grand Rapids, MI - TBA

Indianapolis, IN - TBA

Louisville, KY - TBA

Lexington, KY - TBA

Minneapolis, MN - TBA

Nashville, TN - TBA

Naples, FL - TBA

Philadelphia, PA - TBA

Raleigh, NC -TBA

St. Louis, MO - TBA

Tampa, FL - TBA

Washington, DC (Tyson's) - TBA

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