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Please complete and submit this form as soon as possible for me to do my verification process. It is always best to send the information I will need below as soon as you realize you want to meet with me so there will not be a hold-up because of the verification process.  Usually, the process goes quickly; however, sometimes, it takes a little longer.   I CANNOT schedule an appointment with you without the screening process. Last minute, same-day appointments seldom can be accommodated before you are an established client.


I am a low-volume, highly selective provider.   

I understand you may feel nervous and uncomfortable providing me with the requested information.  You may not know why I need all of this information.  I take the verification/screening process seriously and don’t deter from it. I am thorough, and I do not meet with total strangers.  You MUST complete this process for my safety and security, and you should take comfort that I don’t just meet with anyone.  It always makes for a better visit when we feel comfortable and safe.  Please be assured I do NOT contact employers.  Also, I do NOT keep or store any of your personal information. 


If you provide me with references, they must have positive feedback regarding their meeting with you - that you were respectful, CLEAN, and no negative issues occurred.  If you do not have solid reference information OR I do not hear back from them on time, I  will need your personal information to screen you. 


When submitting your information, please include as much information as possible, including provider references (if you have them), your P411 ID, TER handle, LinkedIn profile link, link to your website (if you have any of these), and any other helpful information that could speed up and assist me with the process.

Thanks for submitting!

I need one of the following two options:

OPTION 1 - Send FOUR (4) provider references from ladies you have seen in the past two years. They MUST be Independent and currently working and have an online presence to be considered valid references.




Please provide me with BOTH their name AND contact information. I need to hear back from them regarding your visit, or you must use Option 2. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND MANY TIMES, I DO NOT HEAR BACK FROM REFERENCES.

It may be helpful if you contact them to get their permission to use them as a reference and ask them to get back to me when I contact them. It gives them a heads-up that I will be contacting them about your visit, which may help get them to respond to my request. 


OPTION 2 -  Email me a clear picture of your driver's license and current business card, work badge/ID, or direct link to your LinkedIn profile. If it makes you more comfortable, you can cover all the info on your driver's license EXCEPT your FULL name, DOB, and picture.

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